Author: Leewe, R.
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TUPO014 TRIUMF ISAC LINAC Developments and Upgrades 355
  • Z.T. Ang, T. Au, Y. Bylinskii, K. Fong, J.J. Keir, D. Lang, R.E. Laxdal, R. Leewe, B.S. Waraich, Z.Y. Yao, Q. Zheng, V. Zvyagintsev
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
  TRIUMF ISAC accelerator complex is in consists of ISAC-I room temperature linac and ISAC-II superconducting linac structure. ISAC-I linac has seventeen RF systems in operation for about twenty years, and ISAC-II linac has forty superconducting QWR RF cavities in operation for more than ten years. A small ISAC booster 3-gap structure at 11.78 MHz located in upstream of RFQ has been designed and installed for energy matching to RFQ. A sliding mode extremum seeking control for LLRF control was developed and implemented in operation. Six of DTL systems have been working in the control mode. Two of them had been commissioning and in operation one and half year reliably. RFQ, two more DTL system, HEBT rebuncher and DSB buncher system will be upgraded in the sliding mode control soon. Twenty ISAC-II SBC superconducting cavity RF power amplifiers were upgraded from YV-229 triode tube amplifier into solid state amplifier(SSA). The prototype and four SSAs have been commissioned in 2017 and in operation successfully. The rest of 16 SSA have been tested in RF lab and installed for operation at the mid of this year.  
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