FR2A —  Plenary Session 14   (21-Sep-18   11:00—12:00)
Chair: Y.H. Chin, KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
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Development and Beam Commissioning of 10’25 MeV Superconducting CW Proton Linac for China ADS Project  
  • H.W. Zhao
    IMP/CAS, Lanzhou, People’s Republic of China
  • W.M. Pan
    IHEP, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
  A 25 MeV CW superconducting proton linac has been developed by collaboration between IMP and IHEP to demonstrate key technologies of ADS linac. The 25 MeV superconducting proton linac is composed of ECR proton source, LEBT, a 2.1 MeV/162.5 MHz four-vane RFQ, MEBT and a superconducting linac section which consists of three cryomodules built by IMP based on HWR cavity at 162.5 MHz frequency and one cryomodule built by IHEP based on SPOKE cavity at 325 MHz. Stable proton beam acceleration with CW 2 mA/10 MeV has been demonstrated successfully at IMP by 12 HWR cavities with two cryomodules operating at 4.5 k. Beam commissioning with pulsed 10 mA/25 MeV and CW 0.2 mA/25 MeV has been conducted. A lot of efforts have been made to achieve a long-term stable CW beam operation during the beam commissioning. Hours continuous operation without beam trip at CW 0.2 mA/18 MeV was achieved. Recently the low level RF control system and other sub-systems are under refurbishment and the next goal of beam commissioning is CW 1 mA/25 MeV. This talk will present development and the latest beam commissioning results of the 10’25 MeV superconducting proton linac and the lessons learned.  
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FR2A02 Commissioning of the European XFEL 994
  • D. Nölle
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The construction of the European XFEL has been finished at the end of 2016 and commissioning has been started. Meanwhile the entire facility, driving 3 free-electron-lasers in the hard and soft X-ray regime, is in operation. This contribution will report on commissioning and transition to operation, as well as on the first user runs.  
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