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MOPO064 O-Arm Mounted X-Band Linear Accelerator System for Radiotherapy linac, GUI, radiation, operation 142
  • S. Kim, Y.W. Choi, G.J. Kim, I.S. Kim, J.I. Kim, J.H. Lee, Y.S. Lee
    KERI, Changwon, Republic of Korea
  • J.H. Hwang, Y.N. Kang, A.R. Kim, J.N. Kim, T.G. Oh, Y.A. Oh, Y. J. Seol, J.S. Shin
    The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  Current advances in radiotherapy are based on the precise imaging techniques, and there is a pressing need for the development of techniques that are capable of visualizing cancer tissues in real time in conjunction with radiotherapy. Indeed, the image-guided radiotherapy systems in which conventional diagnostic tools such as CT and MRI are combined with the linear accelerator (LINAC)-based radiotherapy have been extensively studied. In this work, we mounted 9.3GHz X-band LINAC designed by KERI on the 360 degree-rotatable O-arm system, which allows efficient integration of a diagnostic tool with a radiotherapy equipment. After mounting, the X-ray profile and percentage depth dose were measured by following the quality assurance using the AAPM TG-51,142 protocol. The beam profile symmetry was estimated to be 102.4% with ±3% tolerance. The X-ray dose was also measured by rotating the O-arm to confirm the stability of the mounted X-band LINAC. As a result, the standard deviation of the X-ray dose was shown to be 0.016 while rotating. Therefore, we demonstrate the feasibility of our O-arm X-band LINAC system for use in highly effective radiotherapy with simultaneous CT image guidance.  
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About • paper received ※ 11 September 2018      issue date ※ 18 January 2019  
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